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The Karoo is a magical place, a seemingly arid landscape with small disconnected towns to the unpractised eye, but within the countryside lies many wonders in wait; secret mountain springs, hidden valleys and an unbelievable ability to utilise every drop of rainfall and turn the landscape into a green paradise for a few months of the year. Much like this resilient and exciting country, the people of the Karoo are innovative, driven and connected to the earth. Within this vast area are amazing networks connecting towns, people and home made, home grown products – produced and grown in the way that the earth was meant to be treated.

This online platform is an extension of these timeless Karoo networks, connecting buyers with sellers of quality, ethically grown and produced products with a focus on empowering the small business owner on farms and in small towns around the Eastern Cape Karoo region.

Join us to uncover the treasures of the Karoo!



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Online Karoo Farmers Market

Online Karoo Farmers Market

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